Transforming community heath through education, employment and empowerment.
  • Want to work with us on a new or existing project?
  • Want to work with us on a new or existing project?
  • Want to work with us on a new or existing project?



Our regional center offers various healthcare career opportunities for students,K-16, and healthcare professionals.

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Our Vision

is to transform community health through education, employment and empowerment.

Our Mission

is to connect Students to Careers, Professionals to Communities, and Communities to Better Health in Southeast Michigan.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Provides learning opportunities in under-served communities through the development of community-based, client-oriented, culturally relevant, and collaborative health professions education programs.
  • Promotes good health in our communities through prevention and education,
  • Draws upon the skills, expertise and passion of our partners,
  • Assists area communities to develop their capacity to provide health services for their residents that are under-served or at risk,
  • Works with community leaders and stakeholders to improve existing programs, especially those surrounding youth and K-16,
  • Recruits and retains quality healthcare providers in under-served areas in Michigan,
  • Values community and seeks to play a pivotal role in eliminating healthcare disparities in local neighborhoods,
  • Embraces cultural diversity, honesty, efficacy, and integrity in service to others.